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Why switching to annecto?

Ask our customers and you'll hear words like efficient, intuitive, and flexible.

Collection Software that's efficient to manage and configure

annecto delivers value by greatly enhancing overall efficiency. Sophisticated workflow speeds up collections by letting you set rules and handling instructions for each type of debt in your inventory. A few mouse clicks tailors work activity for specific creditors and debtors at one or more office locations.

Quick Start-up

The annecto debt collection software is easy to master, but powerful on-the-job. The application's user interface uses familiar terms and intuitive task buttons to facilitate learning and on-the-job performance. In fact, new agents can be up and running in as little as 20 minutes. That's an efficiency advantage you can leverage with new hires and veteran agents alike.

Flexible to meet your changing needs

Whether you're collecting from three seats or three hundred seats, the annecto debt reduction software easily scales to meet your needs. Our SQL database provides strong encryption, password-controlled access, and robust performance for small, medium, or large collection operations. annecto installs into most system environments with remarkable speed. Implementations take hours - not days or weeks - and can be completed without disrupting your normal routine.

Engineered work with industry's call center solution

What's more, you can couple and extend these capabilities using annecto, our industryleading, IP-based call center system designed specifically for collections professionals. Combining our Debtmaster operational overhead by replacing multiple third-party services with a single integrated solution. It's an optimal solution for "touching" every debtor in your database and building an operation that generates up to 250% more calls each day.

Annecto at glance

Packaged Solutions

Available in a Standard, Professional, or editions Scales easily to grow with your business.

Training & Support

Extensive documentation and help desk support,plus professional training is available online, at our facility, or at your site.


Online reports detail to-the-penny results for you and your clients.Integration with Crystal Reports Pro andMicro- soft Excel is also supported.


Open design allows you to connect with ACH Processing,Skip Tracing, Letter Outsourcing, Telephony, IVR, and more.


More than 1,300 collection agencies, law firms,debt buyers,and creditors have relied on annecto DMS for the last 2 years.

Fast & Secure

Implementations usually take hours (not days or weeks) & without agent downtime. The Database is encrypted for maximum protection.

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