Why Annecto?

Have you ever wondered why our annecto is powerful?

Important elements of 'annecto'

annecto software solution is one of the most important elements of your collection agency. Investing in a collection solution that will assist you in maximizing your net back is essential. The key is to identify a solution that meets your current and future business needs. Equally important is selecting a partner that will provide you with the level of expertise necessary to help you meet your goals.

Management Driven Work Queues

Management driven work queues provide you the power to establish and prioritize multiple queues for each account representative. Once established, work queues can be easily updated based on collection productivity.

Automated Letter Generation

Management of account specific letter series rules can be fully automated within annecto, greatly reducing the cost to perform this task. Letter printing intervals can be established for each letter based on pre-structured business rules are automatically noted to the debtors account.

Workflow Automation

Establish business rules that incorporate industry standard best-practices and ensure accounts are worked appropriately via workflow strategies that align with your collection goals. Account distribution can be fully automated based on established business rules.

Credit Reporting

annecto includes Metro 2 formatted credit reporting that gives your organization the power to generate industry standard data files that can be submitted directly to the credit bureaus.


annecto provides a flexible accounting system. Accounting workflow can be fully automated based on management defined processes and client specific accounting rules can be established based on contractual requirements.

Predictive Dialing

Leveraging a dialing solution is one of the most cost effective ways to increase productivity. As part of the annecto software suite, the optional, fully integrated Dialer provides you with the power to maximize efficiency.

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